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Vibroacoustics Engineering Technology

The purpose of this site is to encourage others to become interested in Vibroacoustics Engineering Technology

From 1987-92, I, Glenn E. Bowie, created the first two-year Associate Degree Program at Red Wing Technical College. The program name was Vibroacoustics Technology. There were 27 courses in the program. I taught 21 of them. In recognition of the quality of the progam, the 1992 graduating class members were granted their Associate Degrees in Vibrocoustics Engineering Technology.

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Jayne Ann's History of the Vibroacoustics Technology A.A.S. Degree Program

The first Vibroacoustics Technology class began in 1987. The students graduated in 1989 with the first Associate in Applied Sciences Degrees to be granted in Red Wing. Year 2004 is the 15th Anniversary of Graduation.

Jayne A. Smythurst was a class member. She is now named Jayne Ann Valley. Jayne Ann wrote the above history of Tower View for a student newsletter.

E-mail between JAV and GEB from 1/04/04 to 1/06/04:

I just did a search on the Internet White Pages to find Tammy Sholing and she came up in Weaton IL. I phoned her and we laughed for about 30 min.

I think if you just search for them by name you may locate them. We are all a little nerdy so they probably have email.

I say, go ahead and propose the idea to Robert Hedin using my stuff if you like, with the clause that if we can get the people and material we feel will do the class justice. If he thinks it will work then we can dig deeper into the class whereabouts and participation and dig up more material..

If we don't get the participation we feel is worthy we can just pass.

Curt and Judy Dille must still be in town cuz Judy, his wife, still works at the shoe factory.

I'd really like to see Ray Gilberg and Dan Larson again.
jav ----- Original Message -----
From: Glenn Bowie
To: Jayne Ann
Sent: Sunday, January 04, 2004 2:14 PM
Subject: Re: a good idea or not?


Exactly. In the last few days, you and I have celebrated. Whether to show the page to Robert Hedin in relation to his 10th year Anniversary of the Anderson Center?

I am lukewarm about that. If you do not object, maybe I will show him the page.

Really though, if we cannot contact other former students to have the kind of fun we have have had for a few days, I would just as soon XXXX it.

I wonder about Curt. He lived on West Main.

Phil and Cleo are the most likely ones to join in. But how to contact them?


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From: Jayne Ann
To: Glenn Bowie
Sent: Sunday, January 04, 2004 1:21 PM
Subject: Re: a good idea or not?


What is our objective? To celebrate the days when the Tower View Campus was in full swing? If so Yes.

Where we are now and how our days at Tower View contributed to our successes.

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From: Glenn Bowie
To: Jayne Valley
Sent: Sunday, January 04, 2004 1:13 PM
Subject: a good idea or not?

Jayne Ann,

From your point of view is placing some record of your school days online in vibro02.html a good idea or not?

The last time I worked a bit on the vibro background was here in my home lab --