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apply Gram.exe to sound cardinal01a.wav

When you run Gram.exe, select File, then Analyze File. Choose sound cardinal01a.wav in
directory sounds.

Until Nov. 23/05 I used Windows Media Player to play sounds. Since then I have been using Apple QuickTime Player 7.

The Peterson Field Guide Series includes A Guide to Bird-Song Identification titled "Eastern/Central Birding by Ear" by Richard K. Walton and Robert W. Lawson. Cassette 2, Side A includes voice narration and sounds of the Northern Cardinal. A down-slurred cheer sound is described and examples are given. I compared cheer sounds on the cassette recording with ones I recorded in 1989. My recorded examples are in file cardinal01a.wav.

Karl Hamilton, owner, Nature, kindly worked on sound cardinal01a.wav. He applied Noise Reduction techniques to intervals between the cardinal cheer sounds. He created file cardinalNR.wav. Notice he has reduced chickadee sounds.

Hi Glenn,

I tried to work some magic on the cardinal for you. I found the chickadee and the other varmint were hard to bring down without losing either some of the voice or the beginning formant of the cardinal. Noise was sampled between the cardinal calls.

I decided to send a wav file so it wouldn't lose content in the conversion to mp3.

Best regards, Karl Hamilton BFA Nature

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