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Thanks to Freeware Providers

Some bottles sound more readily than others. I enjoy collecting old remedy or medicine bottles on walks through meadows. Look for bottles of various sizes. Practice sounding them as I show above.


Richard S. Horne permits to be distributed freely. It was prepared for Windows 95 applications. The zipped product contains three components: executable Gram.exe, help file Gram.hlp, and readme.txt. I suggest that you follow either of the following paths:
  • go to and purchase Spectrogram Version 11.2
  • go to and download Gram.exe, Gram.hlp,
  • and readme.txt.

    The first path is for professionals who want access to first rate acoustical analysis tools at reasonable cost. The second path is for beginners who want to use freely available tools for learning purposes. My comments are directed toward this latter group of online and offline students.

    Make a directory on your hard drive called acoustics. Make subdirectories images and sounds in main directory acoustics. Place Gram.exe, Gram.hlp, and readme.txt in acoustics. Copy sound files bottle01.wav and bottle01.mp3 from my subdirectory sounds to sounds on your hard drive.

  • WavePad

    From: "Peter Lupton NCH Swift Sound"
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    Subject: Feedback about Software Downloaded NCHREFSFdld

    Date: Thu 10/06/05 07:19 AM

    I note from our logs that a few weeks ago you downloaded NCH Swift Sound Software (using the link I am the manager of software development at NCH Swift Sound and I really need good feedback from real users (ie. you) so we can continue to improve this software.

    If you decided not to use the software for any reason please click reply and let me know why. A reply should take less than a minute. If noone bothers to complain to me directly it is very difficult for me to improve things.

    If you are having problems using the software, please follow the instructions on to contact our technical support team who should be able to help you out. If you have not yet used it, remember the full manual can be viewed at any time using the menu Help -> Help Contents.

    Otherwise click reply and let me know your quick comments:
    ~ Are there new features you would like to see added?
    ~ Could the software be improved in any way?
    ~ Could the manual or documentation be improved?
    ~ How could we make it easier for others to find us?
    ~ Would you recommend us to your business colleagues?
    ~ Do you have any other business audio software ideas or requirements?? Thanks again for downloading and I look forward to receiving your suggestions.

    Peter Lupton
    Software Development Manager
    NCH Swift Sound


    SigJenny is a digital waveform signal generator created by and made available as freeware by NaTCH Engineering.

    You see a midrange speaker, a power amplifier, and a lowrange or woofer speaker.

    SigJenny was used to generate a swept sine wave signal which rose from 27.5 to 880 Hz in 5 seconds.

    Analysis of sigjenny01 with aid of Gram yielded:

    DotColor --- Inetis

    A tool called DotColor or DotColor3 opens avenues for Spectrum students to explore ways of defining colors. It may be used to quantify relationships between sounds and colors.

    Microsoft mspaint, or Paint

    Students count by 10 to 100, remember that 16x16=256, then count by 16 to 240.
    They work in pairs, put up three hands, count fingers up to 9, then continue to count to 15 fingers through the sequence A, B, C, D, E, F.
    In short order, the students are able to convert back and forth between decimal and hexadecimal values. F0 means 240 and FF means 255, and so on.
    Each Spectrum student has the goal of making a simple web page and storing it on a floppy disk using elements of HTML. Hexadecimal values are used for Red, R, Green, G, and Blue, B using the full spectrum of colors available in mspaint.
    RGB values are selected for link, vlink, bground, and font.

    Vectormedia -- Atmosphere Lite

    Vectormedia Software is based in Halifax, UK. They focus on providing customers with audio environments. Atmosphere Lite is a tool to help beginners sample environments. It includes an extensive directory of wave type files.

    Students can play and edit a sound file using WavePad, and analyze the result with aid of Gram.

    our address: