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PHM-1 Pegasus  PHM-1 Pegasus. Built by the Boeing Company. Her aircraft technology roots are embedded in her aluminum hull. She is powered by a gas turbine engine built by the General Electric Company. The engine has wide body aircraft turbofan engine roots.

An assignment to assess the flyby sounds of Pegasus was a career highlight. Foreign naval ship sound measurements were something else.
Click the spectrogram at right to hear a B-727-200 aircraft during takeoff.

To play the sound from its current location, you need Winamp. Alternatively, save flyby.wav to disk and use your media player.
Listen for changes in pitch during flyby.
Doppler shift
meteorologic tower My wife, Nancy, and I measured flyover and flyby sounds during landing approach of B-727-200 at Palmdale Air Force Base, California, on 30 occasions in the summer of 1970.

Craig Melvin operated a micrometeorologic tower facility to measure wind speed and temperature at heights above the ground from 5 ft. to 50 ft. during the tests.

swat boom Craig joined the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department (LASD) as a deputy. In December 1980, he obtained permission for me to use acoustic test equipment owned by my employer, the Lockheed California Company, to measure sound levels near the ears of a lead Swat Team Member during a practice forced entry of a building.

To see a review of Craig's early forensic acoustics career, visit:

The changes in pitch you hear when playing the above aircraft flyby sound are described as Doppler frequency shifts.

On July 22, 1982, actor Vic Morrow was carrying two children across a pond at a movie set. The location was Indian Dunes, Valencia, California. Pyrotechic effects were initiated to heighten drama of the scene being video taped. A helicopter hovered above them.

Vic Morrow and the one child were killed by the helicopter main rotor. The second child was killed when struck by the right side skid on the helicopter.

Craig is holding the flashlight. We were recording sounds while LASD deputies and explosive experts initiated pyrotechnic effects.

Craig is now a retired detective Sergeant, Homicide Division, Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. Our relationship shows how varied experiences can be applied to solve particular problems.
Indian Dunes

Use a search engine.
Search for Boeing and Lockheed.
1. At Boeing, go to Education Relations. See their Resume Builder.
2. At Lockheed Martin, visit Campus Relations.
3. Find Richard Horne. Gain an appreciation for his contributions.
4. Download and install Spectrogram.
5. Apply gram.exe to flyby.wav
6. Visit WinSite. Examine the five index pages. Consider setting
up your own library of acoustic analysis tools.
7. Review the history of Twilight Zone Episode #1.
8. What was the ethnic origin of the two children Vic Morrow was carrying? Their names?
9. What was the name of the Director on the set? The producer's name?
10. What was the result of the ensuing trial?
Visit CSUN Earth Science.
11. Examine the curriculum.
12. Notice the strong components in Climatology.
13. Read about the Faculty. See Arnold Court, Professor Emeritus of Climatology and Quantitative Geography. He was Craig Melvin's mentor.
14. If one of you had a chance to do so, you might have asked Arnold about his work as a Meteorologist for Admiral Byrd.

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