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Bay Street I was 13 in the summer of 1945. A telegraph boy. Here I am in Canadian Pacific Telegraph uniform, on Bay St. in Toronto.

I picked up telegrams to be sent, and delivered received ones. I was entranced by activities in some offices. One office in particular was pure magic. Lundberg Explorations, Ltd. Owned by Hans Lundberg, a famous Exploration Geophysicist. I vowed to work for him some day.
I did work for Hans Lundberg. In the Yukon Territory, during summers of 1951, 53, and 54.

You see a double exposure. Summer 1951, Keno City. I have always thought of the image as haunting. What became of the boy? And the Huskie dog and puppies?
Paul Germaine
Doc Johnny in foreground, then Paul Germaine. Doc was from Mayo Landing, Paul from MacKenzie, Northwest Territories.

Paul taught me many things about how to live in the Yukon. He called me Crazy White Man Boy.
Black flies and mosquitoes, tens of miles of muskeg, then up into the mountains. Incomparable views in all directions. Yukon view
Use a search engine.

1. Go online to the Yukon Territory. Visit Mayo, and Keno City.
2. Think about a career in Earth Sciences.

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