Larry Veeder's Blufflands
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Red Wing Fault

The source of the above image is p. 240 in "Minnesota's Geology", by Richard W. Ojakangas and Charles L. Matsch. The Sloan, 1967 reference is to "A teacher's guide for field investigations in southeastern Minnesota", by R. E. Sloan, 1967. The parent document: W. C. Phinney, ed., "A Teacher's Guide for Geologic Field Investigations in Minnesota", pp. 1-19. Minnesota Department of Education and Minnesota Geological Survey.
The community education classes I taught in 1994 had a conservation theme. The basic idea was to first learn how to recognize four main formations shown in Dr. Robert Sloan's sketch of the Red Wing Fault by examining specimens of the formations in a museum location.

In July 2003, the Geological Society of Minnesota sponsored a two-day field trip led by Dr. Sloan. The trip began at Barn Bluff with examination of the Red Wing Fault.

In 2003, North Dakota State University Professor Allan Ashworth led a Paleo Field Trip. One image from the trip shows the contact between the St. Lawrence Siltstone and the Franconia Formation at the west end on Barn Bluff. Student Chad Weisenburger indicates scale of the image.

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