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Merlot is a worthwhile website for students to examine and possibly join. I joined, then searched Science and Technology and chose to see the sub-category "Geology". There were 68 responses on 20 Dec. 04. I selected 7 of the 68 as being useful for this course on Southeast Mn Geology.
A quick look at the Virtual Field Trip Merlot topic yielded:

Three rock tour pages might infect you with the enthusiasm for geology evident in author Bruce Perry's work. If you do not share his enthusiasm, perhaps you should not take this course for credit.

Author: Susan Clark Slaymaker, Professor of Geology, CSUS
Example of an introductory Earth Science general education course designed to be conducted entirely online.
Location: Earth Science, CSUS, Geology 8 on-line section

Author: Department of Geological Sciences
Developed as a supplement for an Introductory Field Geology course, this site offers a virtual field trip.
Location: Virtual Field Geology

Author: Cecilia Barnbaum / Edward Chatelain
An animated look at the deposition of geologic layers at one of seven locations around the USA.
Location: Virtual Laboratory of Historical Geology

Author: Cecilia Barnbaum
Spectacular photos of fossils arranged by time period, with maps showing continent locations. Maps.
Location: Virtual Museum of Fossils

Author: Bruce Perry
Metamorphic Rocks Tour is designed to help the beginning geology student learn about metamorphic rocks.
Location: Metamorphic Rocks Tour

Author: Bruce Perry
Using photographs and text, the tour introduces visitors to basic information about igneous rocks.
Location: Igneous Rocks Tour

Author: Bruce Perry
Using photographs and text, the tour introduces visitors to basic information about sedimentary rocks.
Location: Introduction to Sedimentary Rocks

The following information was copied from a student resource site maintained by Houghton Mifflin. I particularly recommend that you bookmark and use the glossary provided for students.

Student Resource Center GeologyLinkŪ

Virtual Classroom
The Virtual Classroom provides links to physical geology courses from around the world.

Virtual Field Trips
Take a virtual field trip or link to local geologic surveys and information from around the world.

Inside Geology
Want to learn more about basic concepts in geology? Curious about a recent geologic event? Interested in studying a subject in depth? Inside Geology will link you to hundreds of class lectures, web sites, references, news items, organizations, and glossaries on every aspect of geology.

Not sure about the meaning of a word? Look it up in the GeologyLinkŪ Glossary.

The Geological Society of Minnesota maintains a Glossary of Common Geological Terms.

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