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Thursday, 23 April 2009


I will never know you. That is an element of universal loneliness. Some terms: to swallow is to believe. The converse is obvious.

My main tool is observing nature. These days are dominated by the lower jaw of a mammal. The mammal might be an extinct American Horse, Equus occidentalis. Http://

I crave stillness. People like Eckhart Tolle can provide a good library read. But he is not a patch on memories of chats about F. Scott. In those days it was at a bar alongside beloved Dell Kerr. Dell taught American Lit at Michigan Tech. He was a spellbinder in the classroom and in the bar. He made Lit live. I learned about his death when I was on the ice. Now, some 46 years later, I am glad I chose not to let go of the rope. Http://

Being closely held, sharing knowledge and touch -- these are elements of what I refer to as "Life in the Small". Examples are kept in the site Http:// There are moments of great joy  --  such as ones when pollen grains are recognized. You might copy this mn_natura link into your browser:

We moved from Los Angeles, Ca, to Red Wing, Mn, in 1987 to create Life in the Small. I worked for five years to make a two-year technical college engineering technology program. Http://,, A member of the last class, Elmer Hoffman, phoned me in the Spring of 2009 to tell me how important the program was to his career. He made me achieve a sense of fulfillment upon hearing his words.



Posted by glennbowie at 3:39 AM EDT
Updated: Tuesday, 31 May 2011 3:28 PM EDT
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Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Subject: Lester Levenson
Date: Sun, 19 Apr 2009 20:30:52 -0300

Hello Br Bowie.  My name is Aleksander I work with Doreen Bowie at the Toronto East Detention Center.  Recently we had a conversation about non duality or duality however you want to discuss it.  We conversed about that which is constant and that which is not.  I mentioned to her that I accidently went into Samadhi about 3 years ago and it was at this time that the question of What Am I?  What is the I? and so on arose.  I mentioned to Doreen the name Lester Levenson.   She told me that you have been doing research on him and that you have mentioned him.

Attached to this email are three resources.  First one is Keys to the Ultimate Freedom.  It is a book from Lester Levenson.  It is the original work and it contains many self-inquiry questions in there such as:
To whom is this thought?
This thought is to me?
Well then, What am I?
What is the me?

Unfortunately due to greed many works of Lester are no longer available.  But here is a link on a  youtube channel where almost 8 hours of lester recordings are available  If you want to listen to this and record it at the same time then do it now becuase I am very sure that people from Sedona and the Release Technic will be all over this guy to take it down.  What can I say, greed is a very low vibration.

The second person is Robert Adams.  Robert Adams is another man who went free, he is a North American who speaks in plain English just like Lester.  His book is very good.

The third man is also an American who went three a very lovely man from Alabama.  William Samuel is his name.  I do not have his book but he does have a website.

I do not know how this will resonate with you, but I think you will find it interesting.  The other course is a course in non duality from a university in the U.S.  Its in 3 parts. They explain the quantum physics first then get into non duality.  I recommend you read the last part, where they explain the self-inquiry well.  The course is available for free. The professor's name is Stanley Sobottka, from University of Virginia. 

Hope this message is helpful, 

Posted by glennbowie at 2:47 AM EDT
Updated: Tuesday, 31 August 2010 6:56 AM EDT
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